Appreciation for Cuba's Socialist Renewal

Just read the description of your blog Marce and it sounds awesome. Will follow it with great interest. 
      Cam Walker, Friends of the Earth (Australia)

Recently this [translation] work has been augmented by a new blog based in Australia, by long-time Cuba solidarity activist Marce Cameron. He did a herculean job with the translation of the Draft Guidelines which have been submitted for broad public discussion on the island leading up to the Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) to be held in April.

I'd like to heartily recommend this new blog, and encourage everyone reading this to subscribe to it. Marce Cameron's Cuba Socialist Renewal blog is performing an exceptionally valuable service to all of us whose first language is English by bringing commentaries from the Cuban media out in English translation. 
      Walter Lippmann, moderator, CubaNews e-list (USA)

A hearty welcome to Cuba's Socialist Renewal

Welcome to the Cuba's Socialist Renewal website and Marce Cameron. This is a big addition to the sources of information we have on Cuba. The website is attractively designed and eye-catching and the print style and contrast with the background are very kind to my aging eyes.

But the thing I like best about Cuba's Socialist Renewal is its name and the bold public support to the direction being taken by President Raul Castro and others. The clearest explanation and defense of these changes so far was Raul's December 18 speech to the National Assembly and three segments Marce translated that did not appear in the official version.

My guess is that the great majority of US leftists see these changes, necessary or not, as steps backward toward capitalism and not, as I have come to do, as another piece of socialism of the 21st century. What Cuba should do will not be decided in the United States or any other country but Cuba. But more clarity and information are good things. The Cuba's Socialist Renewal website is already providing more of that. It will have a distinctive and important role to play.
      Fred Feldman, Cuba solidarity activist (USA)

Have been regularly following your Cuba's Socialist Renewal blog for weeks now, and have found them enormously valuable and informative. As a long-time defender of the Cuban Revolution (it is, to me, the great historic link from the revolutionary socialism of Marx and Lenin to the future), understanding the realities of the very complicated changes under way there is a priority and your work has been central. Thanks so much for your efforts! They are greatly appreciated. In solidarity, 
      Peter Anestos, New York (USA)

Thank you for all your hard work. I read everything that you send to Walter [Lippmann] and visit your site frequently. You have helped me to understand the monumental changes and the process for those changes. Without your translations, I would be completely lost. 
      William O'Brien

Dear Marce, first of all, this is a letter of appreciation for your work in translating, explaining, and debating the Guidelines. I am particularly interested in the question of how revolutionaries outside of Cuba can contribute to the Cuban process beyond the obvious defence of Cuba against all forms of aggression and support for particular programs such as in health and education, and in educating people in our own countries about Cuba. People everywhere look at the world from a particular viewpoint, which includes powerful insights and blindnesses. For instance, Cubans are dealing with their economy from the vantage point of urgency, and urgency tends to narrow the time and scope horizons. Foreign revolutionaries are more likely to have broad horizons that undervalue urgency and the measures to meet urgent needs, but more likely to worry about the "collateral damage" to the revolution and long term consequences of measures that encourage individual businesses or expand inequality. Foreigners have been particularly helpful in combating homophobia and racism. Immersed in a neo-liberal environment, we can more readily pick up when Cuban economists use the vocabularies of bourgeois economics such as "price distortion" "efficiency", and "competitiveness". In one sense, the Cuban revolution belongs to the Cubans to solve their problems and make their own decisions. But it also belongs to all of us. We could be helpful, but especially if we look at both our own and Cubans' typical errors from the vantage point of solidarity. Best wishes, Dick Levins. 
      Richard Levins, mathematical ecologist and Marxist (USA)

I'm aware of your blog and I thank you for everything you've done for Cuba. Keep going! 
      Marie Chase, Granma English translation team (Cuba)

Thanks for sharing your work. Some of us have already taken a look at your blog. Keep up the good work! 
      Radio Havana Cuba

Thanks so much for your excellent blog on Cuba's Socialist Renewal. I've linked to it on our local website, 
      Carla Riehle, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Minnesota Cuba Committee

Dear Marce, we in the Toronto Forum on Cuba have been using your invaluable contributions to the discussions taking place in Cuba and the implementation of the agenda approved for the betterment of the Socialist system in Cuba. Wish you the best in your endeavours in solidarity with the light of humanity. Gracias.
      Fraternalmente, Morteza Gorgzadeh 

Thanks for your work on the translation of the convention document, its very helpful and clear. I am an Irishman living in Cuba and if at any time I can be of support to you just shout! I am sadly not in a position to financially support your work — I´m sure you know what a challenge it is to survive here economically, but I do appreciate the value of it and offer my support and solidarity.
Hasta La Victoria Siempre. Regards and best wishes for the new year,